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Hi everyone, Here is car shader test  in unity-cgsl. I still need to further improve & optimize it for unity mobile.


Hi everyone, Here is another unity shader I was working on. Its a procedural unity ocean shader. however I still need to optimize it for unity mobile.


Hi everyone, Here are some shaders test for unity mobile. I optimized and updated my previous standard blinn shader, standard skin shader and SSS fast skin shader. Standard blinn and skin shaders for ready for unity mobile but Still trying to optimized SSS fast skin shader for mobile.


Hello everyone, I have been working on Unity and thought about writing a standard blinn like shader for unity.

I used cg programing language and shader lab to write the shader.

so far my shader supports, Diffuse Texture, Spec, Rimm, Gloss, Normal map, self illumination, alpha map etc.

we can control all the values and texture values with slider controls. it gives more control over the shader.

with this shader all lights work very well and will continue working on this shader to add cast and receive shadows, reflection/refraction maps, translucency etc…

here is the WorkinProgress…


here is the shader final look and feel